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Modern braces from newOrtho

Braces are not only important for a perfect smile, but above all for the health of your teeth. They effectively correct malocclusions such as overbite or gaps between teeth, improve tooth function and optimize the bite relationship.

Invest in your oral health and achieve not only a beautiful smile, but also long-term dental benefits through the use of braces.


Transparent plastic rails

In addition to fixed braces with arches and brackets, treatment with transparent plastic splints has also developed enormously, so that even in difficult cases you can achieve your long-awaited dream smile without having to make major changes to your everyday routine. You don’t have to worry about safety and success either.
The Invisalign procedure is ISO-certified and complies with all regulations that apply to medical aids and devices. This type of almost invisible tooth correction delights our patients – and for good reason!

How Invisalign works

Use of several removable splints made of special plastic
Gentle movement of the teeth into the desired position
Transparent rails, almost invisible from a distance of 50 cm.
No restrictions in everyday life: the splints often go unnoticed

Aligner from Spark

newOrtho uses the high-quality invisible aligners from Spark, a renowned manufacturer. Thanks to our long-standing partnership, both existing and new patients benefit in many ways.

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The little things that make a big difference

Metal and ceramic bracketts


Innovation in metal brackets:
BioQuick system – efficient and time-saving:

Thanks to an innovative system, we enable a shorter treatment time compared to conventional brackets. Overall, fewer appointments are necessary and you get a beautiful smile faster.

The development of metal brackets, which are widely known, has also made great progress. The days of clunky and sharp-edged “metal blocks” are over!

High wearing comfort:

Adapted shape and size of the brackets for improved comfort
Our patients appreciate the comfortable feel

Free advice

To give you a comprehensive insight into the aesthetics of modern fixed braces, we offer you and your family a free, no-obligation consultation to discover all the options and how our treatments can enhance your smile.

There are many ways to achieve a flawless smile. Even a non-visible

WIN-Lingual treatment

Lingual brackets

We can’t do magic, but we’re already very close. There are many ways to achieve a flawless smile. Even an invisible one. Without your surroundings noticing. How does that work?

Quite simply. In contrast to conventional fixed braces, lingual brackets are attached to the inside of the tooth instead of the front. They are therefore practically unrecognizable from the outside.

Advantages of why patients opt for lingual brackets:

High wearing comfort due to extremely flat design
Individually designed and manufactured for you
Practically invisible from the outside
Visible success after a short time
Reliable correction of all types of misaligned teeth
No risk of decalcification on the front of the tooth

Mini implants are used to fix orthodontic appliances directly to the bone.

Mini implants

Precise anchoring for successful tooth movement

This treatment is necessary if it is not possible to support the acting forces in any other way. One application, for example, is to “create more space” for teeth by moving them “backwards”. This movement requires force application points that must be immobile.

To achieve this, orthodontic appliances are anchored and supported with mini screws (also known as palatal implants). Once the tooth movement is complete, these elements are removed again. These implants are inserted under local anesthesia in a short session so that you experience no pain or discomfort.
Minimal risk for surrounding neighboring teeth
Gentle removal after completion of treatment
Practically invisible from the outside

Questions about braces

  • Why are braces necessary and for whom are they suitable?

    Braces are crucial for correcting misaligned teeth, regardless of age. They are equally suitable for children, adolescents and adults and contribute not only to aesthetic improvement but also to optimising dental function.


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